Terms & Conditions

The Guild of the Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew (“Guild”) is a charity registered by the Charities Commission of England and Wales, no. 251628. Its office is located at 1 St Martin’s Le Grand, London EC1, and its postal address is Barts Guild, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield, London EC1A 7BE.

These Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) apply to all and every use of the website available at www.bartsguild.org.uk (“Website”), the content of the Website (“Content”) and all intellectual property rights therein.

Use of the Website

Use of the Website is conditional upon acceptance of the Terms by the visitor to the Website (“User”). By using the Website and accessing the Content the User confirms acceptance of the Terms and agrees to abide by them. If the User does not accept the Terms then the User should cease using the Website.

The User is permitted to access the Content of the Website and the functionality contained therein for private, non-commercial personal use. The User is not permitted to use the Website for any commercial gain.

Linking to the Content of the Website is permitted and a number of the Website pages provide social media buttons to facilitate the sharing of Content by the User.


The Website uses cookies. When the User visits the Website for the first time, a message regarding the use of cookies appears. The message reads as follows:

“We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with this.”

Cookies are small pieces of text sent to the User’s web browser by the Website. These cookie files are stored in the web browser and enhance the User’s experience of the Website. The User can amend the settings within the web browser to prevent cookies being used.


The Content of the Website includes the following:

  • articles, headings, phrases, straplines, words (“Text”)
  • design elements, drawings, logos, photographs (“Images”)
  • souvenir items for sale from the online store (“Products”)
  • structure, build and HTML source code (“Coding”)

The Guild makes every effort to ensure that the Content is accurate and up-to-date. However the Guild is under no obligation to maintain and update the Content and as a consequence some Content may be out-of-date at any given time. In addition, the Guild reserves the right temporarily to suspend access to the Website, or to close it down permanently.

Intellectual Property Rights

The Guild owns all the intellectual property rights to the Website and to the Content. These rights are protected worldwide by copyright laws and treaties, and cover the Text, Images, Products and Coding used in the Website.

The User must not under any circumstances modify any Content that has been downloaded or printed from the Website, and Content cannot be used for non-personal or commercial means unless written permission has been received from the Guild.

Financial Transactions

All financial transactions (“Transactions”) on the Website – donating to the Guild, joining the Guild as a member, purchasing a product from the online souvenir store – are processed securely by a third party company, Stripe, and the Guild does not receive any credit/debit card details entered into the Website during any Transactions. As a consequence, the Guild bears no liability for loss incurred by the User as a result of Transactions executed from the Website that are processed by Stripe. Receipts for these Transactions are provided by Stripe and not the Guild; however once payment has been received, the Guild will acknowledge receipt to the User.

Illegal Use of the Website

The User is not permitted to enter into any illegal activity while using the Website. This includes but is not restricted to, fraudulent Transactions, hacking the Content, hacking the Website to install computer code with the intention of adversely affecting the User’s experience, infecting the User’s device or compromising the server upon which the Website is hosted.

Google Analytics

The Guild uses Google Analytics to provide User information such as geographical location, the type of device and browser used, the length of time a User visited the Website and the number of pages that were viewed during the session. Google Analytics uses IP addresses and cookies to enable the anonymised data to be shared with the Guild. The User can amend the settings within the web browser to prevent this information from being collected.
These Terms were last reviewed in April 2017.