What We Do

Serving customers in the Guild Shop

Barts Guild is a very active charity at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. We run the shop that’s based in the atrium of the KGV Building, operate the trolley service that delivers our shop to the wards, and we give grants to support the care to patients provided by the dedicated staff at Barts.

Our activities are only possible due to the commitment of our volunteers, many of whom have been with the Guild for at least a decade, and the support from our members and donors.

We have recently established a partnership with the Barts and The London Students’ Association BLSA and welcomed students studying medicine and dentistry at Barts as members of the Guild.

Recently the Guild has installed smart tills in the shop and on the trolley, and soon we will be commissioning a refurbishment of the shop to enable us to carry more products. This will allow us to generate more funds and enable us to continue supporting St Bartholomew’s Hospital as it moves towards its 900th anniversary.