Membership Policy

Membership Policy – as of April 2020


This Membership Policy has been authorised by the Guild’s Management Committee, is reviewed annually and should be read in conjunction with the Guild’s Constitution. Proposed changes will be received, discussed and agreed by the Membership Committee, and then ratified by the Management Committee.

This Policy is available to view/download as a PDF document.

Membership Categories & Fees

Member £20/year
BLSA Student 1,2 Free
Guild Volunteer 3 Free
Guild Employee 4 Free
Life Member 5 £250 (single one-off payment)



  1. ‘BLSA Student’ membership is available to enrolled students at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.
  2. ‘BLSA Student’ membership is conditional upon acceptance that all outward communication is electronic in nature.
  3. ‘Guild Volunteer’ membership is available to all current volunteers, including those working in the shop and on the trolley service, administrators and trustees.
  4. ‘Guild Employee’ membership is available to those currently employed by Barts Guild.
  5. Life Membership is automatically offered to an individual who donates at least £250 to the Guild.
  6. Fees remain at an individual’s current level for all Subscription Members who joined the Guild prior to March 31st 2016.
  7. The above fees apply to all members who joined, or will join, the Guild after March 31st 2016.

Membership Cancellation

The Membership Secretary will issue a reminder notice to a member whose membership has lapsed. If a renewed membership subscription is not received, the member will be removed from the database after 6 months; as is outlined in the Guild’s constitution.

Subsequently the Membership Secretary has the right to cancel an individual’s membership of Barts Guild if one of the following occurs:

  1. A subscription member’s annual fee is not received within 3 months of the renewal date.
  2. A ‘BLSA Student’ member ceases to be an enrolled student at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, and does not pay the membership fee within 3 months.
  3. A ‘Guild Volunteer’ member ceases to be an active volunteer in the shop or on the trolley service, and does not pay the membership fee with 3 months.
  4. A ‘Guild Employee’ member ceases to be an employee of Barts Guild, and does not pay the membership fee with 3 months.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership is granted to those who satisfy one of the following criteria:

  1. The President of Barts Guild upon retirement from the position.
  2. The Chair of Barts Guild upon retirement from the position.
  3. A volunteer who retires having completed 10 years of continuous service to Barts Guild.
  4. A volunteer who completes 15 years of continuous service to Barts Guild.
  5. An individual who has been recommended to receive Life Membership as a reward for outstanding contribution to Barts Guild. The proposal is received, discussed and approved by the Membership Committee, and a recommendation is submitted to the Management Committee for ratification.

Barts Guild Trustees

As stated in the Guild’s Constitution section 17.3, “A trustee must be a member of the charity or the nominated representative of an organisation that is a member of the charity.” As a volunteer for the Guild, trustees are eligible for Guild Volunteer membership, as outlined in the membership category section above.

Membership Benefits

Members of Barts Guild enjoy the following benefits:

  • Regular newsletter
  • Priority booking for all Guild events
  • ‘BLSA Student’ members receive a one-off 20% discount voucher to use against the purchase of a sweatshirt

These benefits are reviewed on a regular basis.

Guild Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary of Barts Guild is a voluntary position, with travel expenses paid. The post holder is elected by the Management Committee for an initial period of three years, and shall be eligible for re-election annually thereafter.

Any individual who wishes to be considered for the role must be a member, proposed by a trustee, and seconded by another trustee. In the event of more than one individual being nominated, a ballot will be held amongst the Management Committee to determine the outcome.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is a sub-committee of the Management Committee. The minimum membership of the committee is as follows:

  • Guild Trustee (Chair, Membership Committee)
  • Guild Membership Secretary
  • Second Guild Trustee
  • Third Guild Trustee or Co-opted member of the Membership Committee

Additional members, such as a student representative from BLSA and a staff representative from Barts Trust NHS Trust, may be invited to join the Committee by the Chair during the period of this Policy.