Data Protection & Usage Policy

The Guild of the Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew (“the Guild”) understands the importance of the privacy and security of personal data to visitors (the “User”) of this website (“the Website”). This Data Protection & Usage Policy (“the Policy”) outlines how personal data is processed and retained, and how financial transactions are conducted.

If you are a Guild volunteer or staff member and are looking for the internal Data Protection Policy, please email for a copy.

Personal Data

Personal data is requested from the User of the Website when a:

  • BLSA membership form is submitted
  • donation is made
  • form – corporate support, fundraise, legacy, volunteer – is submitted
  • grant application form is submitted
  • membership is purchased
  • product is purchased from the online souvenir store

The Guild processes all personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and best practice guidelines. Personal data is kept securely on servers located within the European Economic Area (EEA). Personal data is not shared with any third parties unless express permission has been sought from and granted by the User. You can review our privacy policy by clicking here.

Express Permission

You will be asked to confirm permission when completing the below forms. However, as an overview, expression permission is required for the following:

Submission of the Grant Application Form or the Become a Volunteer form requires the User to grant express permission for the personal data to be shared by the Guild with third parties.

Grant Application Form
The personal data included on this form may be shared with the relevant department of St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Barts Health NHS Trust, as appropriate, in order to facilitate processing of the application.

Become a Volunteer form
The personal data included on this form will be shared with the Barts Health NHS Trust Volunteer Team at such time as the Guild recommends the User to be accepted into the full application process to become a Barts Health NHS Trust Volunteer.

UK Gift Aid

If a donation or membership transaction includes authorisation to claim Gift Aid on behalf of a UK taxpayer, the Guild will use the personal data in order to submit the Gift Aid claim to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

Financial Data

Credit/debit card details are required from the User of the Website when a:

  • donation is made
  • membership is purchased
  • product is purchased from the online souvenir store

These financial transactions (“Transactions”) are processed securely by a third party company, Stripe, and the Guild does not receive any credit/debit card details entered into the Website during any Transactions. As a consequence, the Guild bears no liability for loss incurred by the User as a result of Transactions executed from the Website that are processed by Stripe. Receipts for these Transactions are provided by Stripe and not the Guild; however once payment has been received, the Guild will acknowledge receipt to the User.

Anonymised Data

The Guild will use anonymised data to report on the activities facilitated by this Website. Such reports may include:

  • the number and value of donations received
  • the number of members and value of subscriptions paid
  • details of online souvenir sales including items sold and sales revenue
  • the number of grant applications received
  • the number of volunteer forms received

These reports will be circulated internally within the Guild and will also form part of the external reporting required by the Charities Commission.

This Policy was last reviewed in May 2018.