Andrew Phillips – An Appreciation

Andrew Phillips

October 25th, 2016

Last week Andrew Phillips stepped down as chairman of the Guild, a position he held with great distinction since 2012.

Sir Marcus Setchell, vice-chairman, praised Andrew’s contribution, remarking that “his leadership marked a quiet revolution to modernise the administration and direction of travel of the Guild” whilst never forgetting that “amongst all this modern and at times frightening high-tech equipment there was a patient (and family) subject to all the human fears and distress that illness brings.”

In particular, Marcus continues, “Andrew recognised the unique value of volunteers, and under his wing the decline in numbers has been reversed. The shop has taken off, the trolleys keep rolling, and the breadth of grants has extended into corners of high-tech and soft comfort as well as the traditional services of the Guild continuing to be nurtured.”

Finally, Marcus echoed the sentiments of many within the Guild when he said that “We shall miss his open, gentle but decisive chairmanship, his bottomless store of literary and historical quotations, and his words of wisdom. His diligence and dedication to the ship he steered so skilfully will be long remembered and cherished.”